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The centering-loading device has two main duties which are performs by the two parts of which is composed.
The first comprises a singularizer / aligner device, which receives the logs arriving from a transverse conveyor, and separates them and aligns their heads before they are carried on by an inclined conveyor which also acts as a feeder store in the centring station.
The second part consists of the actual centring-loading device. This receives the log which is located on a pair of reversible centring V's whose length is adjustable so that they are always optimally positioned whatever the length of the log is.

The centering-loading device CM has a geometrical / optical centering system, which is composed by the V's centering supports, which are adjustable by the operator, and the optical projector, which reconstruct an artificial image on the log side that helps the operator in order to obtain a better centering.
The CM model is typically used in case of big diameter logs of exotic wood.