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Purpose of the peeling lathe is to obtain, from a log, a small thickness sheet having a width equal to the log length and long as the spiral inscribable in the log section. 
We can consider the log as roll of veneer that can be unwrapped. The smaller the thickness the longer the ribbon length.
The SM series peeling lathes are recommended for the installations, whose operation conditions are particularly uncomfortable and, therefore, is requested an extremely solid and easy to operate machine. The control of the SM model is mainly mechanic, hence, intuitive and reliable. The SM can be perfectly integrated with any installation solution.

SMT series is designed to accept the most difficult working conditions. With traditional design, these machines found their basic conception on firmness and simplicity. Meant for tropical countries, for extremely heavy operations, the SMT models stand out thanks to the high quality of the peeled veneer.
The SMT model is designed with basic mechanic concept. These models carriage feed is by ball/bearing screws.