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PEELING - depo

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The DEPO vaacum unloading device task is unloading and stacking the peeled veneer sheets coming from the clipper. The vaacum unloading device for performing its operating can not work singularly, it requires the following equipments: an upstream clipper, which cuts in sheets the peeled veneer, a successive flat belts conveyor for transporting peeled veneer sheets until vaacum unloading device infeeder, some plateforms. These last located under the same, receive peeled veneer sheets of different dimensions and create successively some stacks; endly, a conveyor for the peeled veneer wastes evacuation.
The sheet, if complying with the wished sizes, by reaching the unloading device infeeder, will immediately meet a vaacum - performed by electrofans - which establishes a considerable adherence between the sheet and the belts, which have to transport it until the pre-selected unloading position. A fans capacity adjusting can be required, thus depending from the conveyed material type and from its weight. Such an adjusting will be performed by starting the gates placed on the outlet opening of every single electrofan; they will be opened or closed according to the needs, by means of a proper electric linear motor controlled by transducer. On the contrary, if the peeled veneer reaching the vaacum unloading device must not be stacked, as not complying with the wished sizes, i.e., it is a waste, a fitting deflector will intervene. This driven by a photocell turning the peeled veneer run direction, avoids the inlet into the unloading device and lets it fall on a slide, which forward it on the underlying conveyor for the wastes collection.
Once the wished unloading position has been reached, the sheet will be removed from the belts, which convey it to the “carbon fibre” stackers. These last are controlled by a photocell. The stackers, after having removed the peeled veneer sheet, will forward it till the below deck, building so a pile.
The stacked peeled veneer sheets aligning will occur by means of pneumatic cylinders on which top some alluminium disks are installed. These move the sheets against a fixed reference. The pile evacuation, when this has reached the maximum allowed dimension, can be effectuated by means of self-propelling hydrualic elevators or by means of rollers conveyors installed on the plateforms.

The innovative solution of this machine is the use of multiple small fans which replace the single bigger unit. The main benefits of this choice are energy saving (because, with equal vacuum power, multiple fans require less energy) and less machine stops due to fans damage.