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The single panel squaring machine Model SQ is used to cut, on industrial staircase, overedges on the perimeter of wooden panels, performing geometrical, perfect and clean cuts and making the panels so treated, proper for the following workings or for the sale. 
The plant is composed of a loading device, a longitudinal squaring head, a connecting device known as transfer, a transversal squaring head and of an unloading device. 
The most important parts of the plant are the two longitudinal and transversal squaring heads, entirely similar between them with the exception for their length. They, in practice, are the machines, that perform the overedges squaring. The others three parts are used as enslavement to the heads, which need the loading, the transfer and the unloading to work in a continuous, regular and productive mode. 
The plant, being addressed to a professional use, requires for a correct operating, the presence of an operator, who has been opportunely trained.