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The centering-loading device has two main duties which are performs by the two parts of which is composed.
The first comprises a singularizer / aligner device, which receives the logs arriving from a transverse conveyor, and separates them and aligns their heads before they are carried on by an inclined conveyor which also acts as a feeder store in the centring station.
The second part consists of the actual centring-loading device. This receives the log which is located on a pair of reversible centring V's whose length is adjustable so that they are always optimally positioned whatever the length of the log is.

The CE electronic centring-loading device is the latest and most up-to-date development for the measurement and electronic centring of logs to be peeled.  This machine sums up the ten-year experiences in the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic field. The utilisation of the best components, the improvement of the mechanical construction combined to the servo-assisted hydraulics, the use of high-precision laser, which have been studied in purposes with the co-operation with the most important manufacturers place the CE on top among the machines of its field.