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The vacuum unloading device model DPS allows the choice and the automatic stacking of the wet or dry sheets according to the quality and the dimensions of the same.
The sheets coming from the clipper reach the stacker through a double conveyor. This last is composed of four elements, which move transversally and equipped with vacuum chambers.
The “vacuum” holds the sheets, while the belts running on the sides of the movable elements will perform their translation.
Wastes, fish-tails and lists are automatically unloaded in several stations through the flaps, which intervene nearby the pre-selected stations.
The choice is automatic according to their different width.
The full sheets reach the next stations and finish their stroke owing to the sliding blocks pneumatically controlled.
Every station has a collecting scissor lift to minimise the sheet falling path. A photocell adjusts the vertical movement of the lifts according to the height of the stacked sheets.
The stacking precision is improved by the aligning pistons, which allow the correct vertical over-positioning of the sheets.
The selection between the different station occurs automatically, according to the instructions of the program and to the signals coming from the PLC, photocells and from the other machines of the peeling line.

This new machine has been realized according with the Angelo Cremona experience; particular attention was given to the optimization of the number of the aspiration engines and also the rigidity of the entire structure has been increased, in order to reach bigger dimensions of the machine, which means more possibilities of choice.