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Purpose of the peeling lathe is to obtain, from a log, a small thickness sheet having a width equal to the log length and long as the spiral inscribable in the log section. 
We can consider the log as roll of veneer that can be unwrapped. The smaller the thickness the longer the ribbon length.

The SEC series represents the most advanced veneer lathe. Provided with highest performances, it allows to obtain high peeling production and quality.
Equipped with an electronic system for the automatic variations of opening or closing of nose bar; with knife holder carriage and bar holder sliding on ball/bearing guides; provided with the most advanced back up roll system to stabilize the log, it allows to keep the peeling thickness into a lowest tolerance range, even with the smallest log core. The SEC model can be equipped with triple spindle and five steps process; automatic knife clamping, automatic knife and nose bar cleaning, automatic centralized greasing system and spindle extension are additional features.