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The PD dryer has been conceived for drying wood sheets produced by a slicer or a peeling lathe.
Only one loading plane is foreseen thus allowing the direct coupling dryer-slicer in order to create a continuous line.
The machine could be used outside a continuous line, the single plane allows to couple the semiautomatic loading device (mod. CDT) thus obtaining a rational and smooth load even with a single operator.
In this machine, the drying action has been greatly enhanced by simultaneously acting in different directions. Powerful axial fans speed-up hot air over 22 m/s helping the heat exchange between thermal fluid – air and, between air – wood.
The dryer paths have been carefully studied, aerodynamically and thermally.
This has allowed reduction of load loss, favoring the heat exchange even at low temperatures.
The results are excellent productive performance with good quality of dried material.
Careful attention has been paid to manufacturing solutions and in choosing the most technologically advanced materials to carry out an effective thermal insulation thus reducing dispersion at a minimum.