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The vertical slicer mod. TZ/E assembles the most “avant-garde” technical solutions suitable to limit at minimum all manual operators interventions and at the same time to grant their safety. This machine has very sturdy main metallic structures and the materials to be used are choosen with care.
This machine allows the almost total exploitation of the block to be sliced: infact, according to the block quality, it is possible obtaining sheets having a thickness of only 0,2 mm and the particular logs holding table structure allows to work with prisms up to 1000x1000mm section and to reduce at minimum the waste table thickness (about 15 millimeters left). Another feature that has to be underline is the outgoing of the bended sheet in a favourable direction by a fixed collecting station and in an easy stacking condition.
A revolutionary concept of the machine has been represented by the cutting action that occurs during the prism upstroke phase. The sheets (considered according to their width) are ejected with borders bended downwards. Therefore it results are, in case of manual stacking, a quicker regular and steady piling with the collecting tables arranged for the further processings and, in case of a slicing line having an automatic transport, an outgoing of the bended sheets in the correct direction for being feeded into the dryer.
The vertical slicer  Mod. TZ/E, with its strength, its reliability and a speed of 90 cuts/min. represents one of the most qualified realizations of Angelo Cremona - Monza.

This machine could be upgraded installing a vacuum pad.