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The vertical slicer VS  is a machine with manual loading and manual unloading, used to slice debarked logs. 
In order to be mounted and clamped on the log-holder beam, the logs must be prepared with a flatted support, carried out with a plane and with two longitudinal slots, obtained from milling, for the central jaws insertion.
An important concept of the machine is represented by the cutting action that happens during the log upstroke. The sheets, considered on their width, are expulsed curved, with the edges downwards. Consequently in case of manual stacking, it is more rapid, regular and stable, with stacks ready to be worked; in case of a slicing line with automatic transport, the exit of the curved sheets is in the right sense, ready to be introduced into the dryer.
High reliability at 110 cuts/min. with the finest cutting quality and sliced thickness range between 0.2 and 3.8 millimeters with centesimal pitch place the VS on top among the machines of its field.
The VS vertical slicer is available with vacuum pad, or with mechanical clamping hooks.