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The roller dryer mod. ER for peeled veneer of different wood species, can assure a perfect drying together with an excellent quality.
The drying action is performed using combinations of three factors, and precisely: process air moisture, speed and temperature.
The cycle is performed by a specific air volume that, pushed by axial fans through heat exchangers, is directed towards each single nozzle, which divides it evenly in a great number of jet flows that collide against the material during its entire path.
This air is gathered in the chamber opposite to the fans in order to start a new cycle.
All air volume is subject to a continuous monitoring so that its temperature and moisture remains almost constant and equal to the requested value in each area of the dryer.
Suction openings, ejection stacks, and moisture circulation duct (where available) replace the above-mentioned air.
These organs are completely automatic.
Another parameter that can be changed is the material translation speed: the drying time is set depending on this parameter.
A perfect synchrony between the pressing, given to the sheets by the action of the rollers during their progress, combined with the refined way of the drying means, gives the high quality of the final product.
Characteristics that have to be nominated are the perfect insulation of the heated zone (no heat loss!) and the iron doors with an easier and faster opening system.