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ET dryer has been projected for drying sheets which have been produced by peeling and slicing machines.
It is foreseen for receiving the infeeding and unloading device, obtaining in this way an automatic line.
In this dryer, the drying action has been considerably increased by acting jointly in different directions. Powerfull axial fans speed hot air up to 20 m/sec, enormously  favouring heat exchanges between heating battery and air as well as between air and wood.
Dryer paths have been accurately studied under the aereodynamic point of view in order to reduce at minimum all loading losses and for obtaining the best yields.
Thanks to all that, this type of dryer can reach, under particular conditions, specific average evaporations of further 15 kgs/hour of water for every square metre of heated surface.
Particular care has been given to constructive solutions and to the choise of the most suitable materials for realizing an effective thermic insulating and therefore for obtaining minimum heat losses.

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