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The sanding machine has the purpose of removing, through abrasion, the wood on the top and bottom surface of the plywood panel.
The part is normally conveyed towards the machine by a roller-way positioned at the infeed of the sanding machine or by a conveying system. It is then taken and “pinched” by the towing rollers.
The calibrating and sanding rollers protrude of a set amount with regards to the two top and bottom planes, which are obtained ideally connecting the circumferences of the towing rollers in touch with the panel, in order to remove the wood.  
Afterwards the panel is brought by the first two heads to the correct size, maintaining anyhow some material on top, and after that it is processed by other two heads, top and bottom, until reaching the requested size, with a superficial finishing depending on the sandpaper used.
Once the panel has crossed all the machine it is usually taken by a roller-way positioned at the outfeed of the machine.