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“Sliced” are wood sheets with thickness between 0.2 and 6 millimeters, obtained with the slicing method.
Sliced material it’s employed in wood working industry in order to reduce the high cost of the most esteemed woods. In fact it’s used to cover parts realized with cheaper types of wood.
The name “Sliced” comes from the main characteristic of the slicing method, in which the log is physically sliced in a longitudinal way from a blade, without the production of sawdust (that means no material loss).
Sliced could assume particular figure, which depends on a series of factors: The degree with which the blade cut the log, meeting in different ways the rings of log growth, and the type of wood essence, each of which produces different figures.
The slicing process is usually applied to hot logs that had been treated with steam. Angelo Cremona offers a large range of machinery, each of the which projected to realize a certain type of cut and so able to exalt the specific qualities of the materials.