Angelo Cremona Spa is here to stay. We can provide a wide range of tailored services and support for our customers to fulfill your needs.

Our company has its customers at heart and works hard to support them, helping them keep their systems efficient, achieve maximum output, and obtain a complete return on investment at every stage of the life cycle of its products and solutions.


Our People Make the Difference

Need a technician on site? we got your back. Our specialized technicians, always trained on the lastest evolutions of the machines will help you out to fullfill your needs. With the constant support from the main factory in italy

To be part of our ‘on field specialists’ our employee need to pass a selection and a show the skills of problem solving, decision making.


Share know-how instantly with remote assistance

When something goes wrong on site, every hour of downtime is dollars down the drain. You need an expert.

We’re proud to say that our remote assistance has always been a great example of professionalism, cooperation and reliability.

With our technicians ready to support you, we will always be in touch.

To maximize your up-working time a fast support is needed, that’s why through the years we’ve developed and upgraded our in-house procedure to help you find the problem and  solve it quickly.

Our assistence expert will be by your side through the process with the smortphone or directly acceding to your machines PLCs.


Spare parts supply – for the entire lifetime of your system.

Whether it’s planned maintenance, an emergency repair, we provide you with the spare parts you need around the world – with maximum reliability, speed, and security. Throughout the entire lifetime of your machine. We provide you with spare parts of the same high quality as the originals. When you receive original parts, they come with extensive warranties which give you the certainty that your systems will always operate reliably and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

All of the knowledge we gain during our research and development (R&D) work, and the corresponding improvements, are incorporated into the production of spare parts. Among other benefits, this also gives the performance of your systems an extra boost. You can achieve significant energy savings and an increased service life for your machines. 

And remember. All our mechanical parts are inhouse built, proudly 100% made in italy.



When it comes to ageing automated machinery and components, manufacturers require a variety of solutions based on their individual challenge.

We will work together to improve your productivity and efficency on your Angelo Cremona equiment. 

But not every modernisation is the same, for this reason talking with the customer we can find the best solutions based on your needs, budget and time.